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About Meats

About Beef

The beef we use is selected from native breed cattle. The cattle is reared in a free environment feeding on grass and hay. This means that the beef is succulent and full of flavour. Native breeds take longer to mature as they do not grow as quickly. Slow growth in meat gives superior flavour.

About Pork

The pork we use is free range and reared outdoors. Our pork is fed as naturally as possible with no use of growth enhancements or additives.

About Lamb

The lamb we use is grass fed which we believe is a massive contribution to the stunning flavour in the meat. The lambs are kept in small extensive flocks, using older slower traditional breeds to produce the best meat.

About Chicken

The chicken we use is free range, live in small flocks and are fed on a simple grain diet. Our chickens are grown at a natural rate to produce succulent, tender chicken.